Selected Course: The Sociology of Online News (Fall 2013)

pic talk The goal of this upper-level undergraduate seminar is to survey sociological research on online news. This is an area of inquiry that examines the interpersonal, organizational, institutional, technological, political and cultural factors that shape the production and consumption of news online. This is a new and emerging area that draws from sociological studies of traditional (print and broadcast) media to understand the construction and use of online news. However, in comparison to the slow-moving sociology of news in traditional media, with its relatively established theories and objects of inquiry, scholarship about online news is a fast-moving area because both the phenomena under consideration and the ways of making sense of them have been in ongoing transformation since its inception. The content and organization of this seminar reflect the fast-moving character of the sociology of online news, emphasizing relatively recent texts but grounding their interpretation in longstanding debates in the sociology of traditional media.



Download the syllabus here.